Welcome to Wizard Toolkit

We are still in active development but feel free to play around. Keep in mind that all data is volatile until official launch.

For Fun

Facebook cover page collages, unique image frames (2d/3d), multi-photo images. Got an idea for a spell? 'Inscribe' your own spell that other users can cast themselves. Popular spells will earn you benefits including free account upgrades. We want everyone to 'cast' spells on their photos and share them with friends! So, try it for free now!

For Work

As a subscriber, you can harness the power of 'Private Spells'. That is, you can create multi-image templates that only you, or those allowed by you, can browse and consume. We think that it can shave hours off of repetitive graphical tasks, it has for us! Try it out and see if you can find a use for it in your business.

For You

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